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GA360: The New Data-Driven Attribution Model Explorer

GA360: The New Data-Driven Attribution Model Explorer

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Recently, Google released a new Google Analytics 360 beta report called Model Explorer, which I geeked out over as soon as I laid eyes on it. As a digital analyst that has a personal affinity for marketing attribution, I love anything that helps me understand the influence marketing channels have on conversions, especially as it relates to the path of marketing touchpoints and where they fall in the user consideration cycle.


Customizable Reporting

As most of you probably know, GA360 comes with a data driven attribution model, which uses actual data from your Analytics account to generate a custom model for assigning conversion credit to marketing touchpoints throughout the entire customer journey.  The Model Explorer report shows how your data driven model, specific to your data, distributes conversion credit to each of the channels that drive traffic to your site. It does this by showing you the weighted average credit for the path positions prior to conversion for each channel.

Here is an example of what the report looks like:

In this report example, Paid Search has proven to be more influential at the beginning of the path, and that weight tapers further down the path. Direct, on the other hand is influential only at the end of the path and never occurs at the beginning (represented by a dash).

This report can be used to determine where your channels fall in the conversion consideration cycle and can be helpful in validating the upper or lower funnel performance of your marketing channels. Also, the report displays the most recently generated model for the selected date range. You may notice differences in model weights if you change your date range. This occurs when your data for that given date range shifts and the results of your data driven model shift in turn.

Evaluating this report over time, as marketing strategies, seasonality, budget adjustments and other related factors change, should help you understand the impact those changes have on the path to conversion specific to your site.

For questions, please reach out to the Belo + Company analytics team. Happy analyzing!