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With prestigious print and digital publications along with a portfolio of traditional, online and event-based marketing, our brands and our audience make us truly unique. Whether on the front page, business, sports or lifestyle sections, our team of award-winning journalists keep readers informed of the most up-to-date news.





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Acquire New Customers with Targeted Paid Social Campaigns

Every month, two billion people use social media every month with the expectation that they will have a personalized experience that offers a nearly perfect reflection of their interests and values. No matter the demographics and psychographics that define your audience, you can find them on Facebook, Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, among other platforms. Consequently, advertising on these networks offers brands incredibly granular targeting based on thousands of data points. Social media does a superb job of ensuring that your ads are only served to those people who are actually likely to be interested in your product or service and willing to become a customer.

A trusted source for breaking news

As the leading newspaper and local media website in DFW, The Dallas Morning News reaches a premier and consistently engaged audience. Not many marketing solutions can say that.

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Weekly audience across newspaper and online


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Reach the audience you value the most

With 175 years of history as a leader in media, marketing and technology, you learn a thing or two about connecting with audiences.

Reach Your Audience, Wherever They Are

We have multiple print and digital publications along with a portfolio of traditional, online and event-based marketing solutions.

Dedicated & Engaged Audience

We reach the largest consumer audience in North Texas and can reach consumers on regional and national level.

Key Figures


80% of Instagram users follow a business.


76% of US consumers have made a purchase after seeing a brand’s social post.

$34 Billion

Experts project that annual paid social ad spending will grow to over $34 billion by 2020.

Why Choose Us?

Network Agnostic

We choose the best platform for your business goals. This starts by understanding who your customer is and which platforms they prefer.

Award-Winning Creative Innovation

Our in-house content studio works with you to create thumb-stopping content that both delights and engages your future customers.

Account & Performance Transparency

Spending on a new social platform can be scary. Our team works closely with you to demonstrate performance and efficiently manage your budget.

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