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Social Media Strategies The Pros Think You Should Know

Social Media Strategies The Pros Think You Should Know

Love it or hate it, social media marketing is here to stay!

With 1.860 billion active users a month on Facebook alone, it’s easy to see why brands are hitting it big with this digital marketing tactic.

At the recent Texas Marketing Summit, I had the chance to sit in on a panel discussion featuring top social media mavens behind major household brand names. They talked about everything from winning social strategies to the future of social media itself.

While there were many gems dropped during the panel, I thought I’d share the top takeaways that every business should know about social media.

Social Media is the Best Way for a Small Biz to Collect Data on a Budget.

Data and marketing go hand-in-hand. So what should a small business with a small budget do if they want to gather data to influence their marketing? Amy Rumpler, Associate Director of Paid Social at Centro says they should leverage their social media data.

In this digitally connected world, social media platforms give you access to your followers’ data for free. By taking a look at social data like interactions and reviews, any business should be able to understand their customer’s journey better.

If You’re Not Using Video and GIFs, You Should Be.

While you may think this goes without saying, there are a lot of brands who don’t use video and GIFs in their social media strategies. And Cecelia Hodges, Vice President of Accounts for Speakeasy, a Belo + Company brand says this is a bad decision. In fact, using visuals in your social media doesn’t have to be a big production, but it is something that all brands should be testing for each of their social media platforms.

To Be Successful on Social Media, You Have to Have the Key Players on Your Side.

The panelists all agreed that the number one challenge for social media marketing is that it’s sometimes hard to measure and attribute ROI back to it. This is especially true for individuals who think analytically. To help combat this issue of attribution within your business, Travelocity’s Senior Social Media Manager Laura Cleary suggests you get the ‘left brain’ thinkers on your side. By including Finance or Legal in your meetings to get their feedback, you allow them to invest in the social media strategy ensuring they are more willing to buy in.

There’s No Secret Sauce.

This line from Shani Belisle, Director of Digital Media & Emerging Technology for AT&T was probably my favorite. Why? Because it’s the truth. There is no special sauce. As a marketer, you have to take risks and test strategies to find out what works for your brand.

FC Dallas’ Senior Director of Marketing Robert Radin expanded on this concept by saying, “I challenge everyone to focus on what’s a win for you.” After you define your goals, you can then be able to see social media success when it happens.

Social media is endearing because it allows brands to tell a story. It’s a way to humanize a product. As you create your social media strategy or your next social media campaign, try keeping these quotes and lessons in mind. Your social media followers, friends and fans will thank you.