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July 11, 2017
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The Steps to Creating a Top Customer Profile Via Google Analytics

If you are looking to create a profile of who your top customers are, Google Analytics can provide a wealth of knowledge. For the sake of simplicity, I’ll use an eCommerce website as an example of how to accomplish this.

Create Your Customer Profile

Next, create a user segment for your top customers. For example, if your average customer places a couple of orders per year, perhaps your top customers would be those who have placed 10 or more orders.

Then, apply this segment to the following reports to create a profile for these users.

  1.  Age
  2.  Gender
  3.  Location (country, state, and/or city data, depending on your business)
  4.  New vs Returning
  5.  Browser
  6.  Mobile Device Category
  7.  Marketing Channels
  8.  Pages
  9.  Site Search (if applicable)
  10.  Search Console Queries (requires linking Search Console to Google Analytics)
  11.  Product Performance

By applying your Top Customers segment to each of these reports, you can begin to create a clearer profile of who these users are, develop strategies for how to expand this user group and improve your overall marketing and remarketing programs.

Happy profiling! ☺