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January 6, 2020
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Why You Need a Content Strategy to Build Your Business

The Internet as we know it now was built on the back of advertising from old-school, text-only Google ads to the annoying pop-ups and animated banners that drove the rise of adblockers. Today, traditional online advertising efforts still have value for businesses, but they are no longer the focus of the world’s most successful marketing strategies. Instead, the key driver of results in modern marketing is content.

Content is the key to audience education, brand awareness and engagement, and dependable conversions as you target new customers who repeatedly turn to your goods or services. However, it is one thing to understand what content marketing is and another to truly use content to your advantage.

Whether you are an established player in your field or the leader of an ambitious startup, a robust content strategy is not optional for your success—it’s essential. To understand why, peel back the layers of jargon and buzzwords to understand the core value of content, what it can do for your business, and why you must invest in a thoughtful, well-planned strategy.

Why Does Content Matter So Much?

There are three primary reasons why today’s digital marketing makes content king:

Content helps you to be seen. Search engine optimization techniques have evolved rapidly. It’s no longer enough to sprinkle keywords throughout your webpage or stuff blog posts full of generic copy, hoping to get Google to pick up on the right phrases. Today, valuable content is the best way to enhance your organization’s SEO efforts. Rich content not only helps your audience but also allows you to rank organically with unique pages that contain your target keywords.

Content provides valuable information for your audience. The purpose of producing content is to answer questions and address the concerns of your customers and potential leads who are already interested in your area of expertise. When someone wants to understand how widgets can help to solve a particular problem, an in-depth look at why widgets are a practical solution delivers exactly what readers and searchers want. As a result, your brand authority grows.

Content converts. Content not only provides answers and enhances your authority but also helps to keep your brand top of mind as a user moves from consideration to decision. Good web content ultimately helps you to generate sales.

These reasons speak to why content is critical—but how you create and deploy content matters just as much as the vision behind it. Strategy, clear goals, and a vision for how to use content to support your other marketing strategies are essential tools for making the most of content.

Content for Content’s Sake Is Valueless

It is easy to read about the importance of creating content and think, “Okay, I can do that.” There is more to this process than writing blog posts about your products or filling a landing page with text.

If you create content piecemeal with no rhyme or reason, and no consideration for who will ultimately read and use it, what have you accomplished? Without coordination between your digital avenues and a clear sense of what works and what doesn’t, you’re just spinning your wheels—and wasting time. Developing a roadmap with defined milestones and a clear sense of what you want to achieve is essential to your content success.

You Can’t Beat the Algorithm — So Work with It

The inner workings of search engine algorithms are virtually inscrutable—and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You can’t “outsmart” the algorithm. What you can do is to strategize how to make your online presence more appealing to ranking algorithms by appealing to real people instead.

Why engage in guesswork about Google’s continual tweaks when you can simply create content that delivers value? Improving this aspect of your digital marketing helps to enhance the domain authority of your pages, which naturally boosts your rankings.

The way to stand out among your competition today is to deliver the answers and information that your audience wants to see. In other words, if you create it, they will come.

Set Goals You Can See and Achieve

Strategizing before you begin developing and posting content allows you to understand the measure of success for your campaign. For example, a critical component of any strategy is to identify who you want to target. Who are your customers? What do they care about? Understanding the factors that influence this answer, such as geography, lifestyle, and income level, contributes to a strategy for producing content that is genuinely appealing to users.

A solid strategy also enables you to understand what success means. The process of conversion rate optimization uses a series of tests to determine which layouts, content types, and other factors influence a user’s decision to engage (or not to engage) with your business.

Without a plan of attack, how can you know whether your content will influence your bottom line? The simple answer is, you can’t—not without an idea of what you want to achieve in the first place.

Let Your Digital Presence Flourish with a Stronger Content Strategy

From addressing the specific questions and concerns that your audience has to driving organic interest in your business, a content strategy keeps your business focused on the right steps to take for real results. Don’t get stuck producing aimless content that doesn’t connect the dots for prospective clients. Instead, focus on developing a cohesive, insightful, and interesting message to share with your audience.

Assistance from an experienced digital marketing agency can be the key to unlocking the successful strategy that allows your business to cultivate rich content. Establishing your online presence as a reputable source of useful information for your intended audience is the first step towards better brand recognition, a wider audience, and ultimately, what matters most to your bottom line: more sales.

At Belo + Company, we bring decades of experience to the table as we aid our clients in delving into content development with fine-tuned strategies that are highly optimized for today’s competitive web environments. To learn exactly how we can support our partners with tailored content strategies, get in touch with our team today.

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