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October 7, 2020
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October 9, 2020
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National Retailer

Mom and child shopping for clothes

The Challenge

A leading national retailer had hit a ceiling with search engine optimization (SEO). The brand was seeing year-over-year declines in organic traffic and revenue as Google pushed organic results further down the page on shopping-related keywords.

The Goal

Improve search visibility, connect with new audiences, and improve the user experience of an older ecommerce website in need of a facelift.

The Solution

We attacked this from multiple angles. First we helped the brand implement an innovative, visual category filtering system that improved site conversion rate by nearly 1.5% across all marketing channels. Next, we built a content marketing strategy designed to capture consumers’ attention and connect with them around special moments, milestones, and life hacks. Finally, using our local presence management (LPM) solution, we revamped the brand’s local presence — across more than 1,000 stores — to increase rankings in the Google Maps pack, thereby driving more in-store and online traffic and sales.

The Results

$25 million

Incremental revenue from organic search, Q1-Q2 2020


YoY increase in monthly online sales


Incremental revenue from blog, Q2 2020


Increase in monthly Google My Business actions


Lift in monthly organic website traffic


Increase in monthly local conversion rate